• Applied for polishing of inner holes, also suitable for the irregular surface of metal and non-ferrous metal.


  • Consistent finish throughout their long life polishing.
  • No burn on workpiece surface.
  • Suitable for high-speed polishing, deburring, cleaning.
  • Excellent on applications that required very light stock removal and finishing.

Name Non-woven Flap wheels with sand paper/ sand cloth
Size 7.5cm-50cm(3″-12″)
Thickness 0.6cm-20cm(0.24″-8″)
Grain 46#-3000#, Silicon, Aluminum
Color grey, red, green, brown
Functions For stainless steel brushing, irregular surface of metal or kinds of woodwork
Inner pipe and bore Nylon: 18mm, 20mm/25mm plastic:50mm/76mm/100mm/150mm etc.
Electricity woodwind: 32mm/40mm/50mm/76mm/90mm/100mm/150mm/200mm/350mm etc.
Aluminum alloy pipe:50mm/76mm/143mm etc.
Hardness We can adjust the number of pieces of scouring pad to change the hardness and density to.
Combination The scouring pad and sand paper/sand cloth can be free choose with the customer